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Our Services

While most watches are made to be tough or shock-resistant, they are still sensitive devices that require the utmost care to maintain good condition. This includes putting them in able hands when requiring repair or battery changes. WRS takes pride in our long list of superior-quality watch services in Columbia, SC.


Basic Battery Replacement

Starting at $10

Our well-trained technicians are capable of replacing silver cell batteries, which are the most common, as well as most types of batteries for nearly all brands and models.


Lithium Battery Replacement

Starting at $20

More complicated than silver cell batteries are lithium batteries, which are also much harder to replace. Nonetheless, our technicians are well-trained for the job.


High-End Battery Replacement

Starting at $50.00

Battery replacements for high-end watches, which generally cost about $5,000 or higher, require a special set of tools and procedures. Hence, only our top watch technicians are allowed to perform them.

Reach Out to Us

Should you have any questions about our services; please call us, and we will be happy to give you the answers you need. Please note: We service all popular and high-end brand watches.

We do not service replica watches.

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