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We value many things at WRS, and efficiency is one of those we hold most important. To achieve it, we follow this four-step process:

Work Acceptance
We do not perform any additional repairs unless authorized by the watch’s owner, and we do not work with replica watches. Specialized watches may also require a deposit.

We will give you an estimate of your costs based on the specific service or services you need. It also depends on the watch parts and tools required to perform the job properly. We have a giant inventory of vintage and modern watch materials from which to select. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we can calculate all final estimates in-house.

Watch Delivery
We will contact you when your watch is ready. Estimated repair times will vary with our workload, and we can’t guarantee any delivery times. You can pick up your watch or have it shipped for an additional fee, with all final payments due upon delivery.

Upon acceptance of work, our highly skilled watchmakers and quartz technicians will begin repairing your watch properly. We are the only watch repair shop in Columbia, SC, that actually does all of your repairs in-house. We do NOT send them out.

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